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 Asian Art in London Press headlines 2015:

Oct 12: Country Life

Where to see, “The Maharaja’s new clothes.”

Oct 18: Asian Art Newspaper

“The event provides a platform for the promotion, exhibition and sales of Asian and Islamic world art.”

 Oct 31: The Daily Telegraph

“Lifting the lid on 10 days of enchantment.”

“How Asian Art in London carved out a niche for itself…”


“Asian Autumn”

“From exquisite Indian fabrics to Korean ink paintings, Asian art is all around!”

 Nov 7: Financial Times

“Whatever your interest in ‘Asian art,’ there should be something for you”!

 Nov 7 Georgina Adams (FT)

“Recently overheard’, a tip from a long established art dealer concerning what is and isn’t easily saleable. No penises, no bloody crucifixions no GREEN…and nothing that won’t easily fit into a pre-war Park Avenue passenger lift. That way you won’t have any unsold inventory.”

 Nov 21: Antiques Trade Gazette

“Plenty of positive noises emanated from the latest Asian Art in London, held in and around Kensington Church St, St James and Mayfair.”

 Nov 18 Apollo Magazine

“AAL transports the visitor Near to the Far East, journeying to India, Tibet, and eventually Japan and Indonesia without leaving the streets of St. James’s, Mayfair & Kensington Church Street.”

 Holderness Gazette 22 October

“Asian Art in London ‘expert talks,’ and antique hunting advice.”

 Nov 18 Apollo Magazine

“The capital retains a wealth of inherited, specialist knowledge and a reputation as a trust-worthy place to buy for domestic and international collectors.”