In these unprecedented and fast-moving times, the Asian Art in London Board has been focused on delivering a strong 2020 showing this autumn. The dealers and auction house representatives that make up the Board are only too aware of the pressures now bearing down on all businesses and families through shared experience.

Before the coronavirus hit, AAL had already strengthened the 2020 Event by inclusion of Indian & Islamic Art, coinciding with the auction house schedules, immediately before the familiar Event – now termed East Asian Art.

In these testing times the Board has moved to preserve AAL for the future. The central administrative Office has been closed in line with UK government provisions until the end of May. All correspondence – hard copy and digital – will continue to be monitored and managed by the Board through this period.

The AAL Board wishes to reassure all – participants, sponsors and visitors – that our expectation is to be presenting a strong and enhanced 2020 AAL Event in late October and early November.

We look forward to welcoming you to AAL 2020:
Indian & Islamic Art: 22 – 31 October,
East Asian Art: 29 October – 7 November.


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